Sailor’s hack or the unconvetional use of… the umbrella!

No more dropping nuts and bolts overboard! Meet the sailors latest friend… a trick that could save you time, effort and even money with all those expensive boating bits.

When I came across this picture, I knew I had to share it. On a sailboat, it’s so easy to drop bits and tools overboard especially while you are busy trying to fix something.

I always secure my 12V cordless drill to a short line when using it on deck, who knows what can happen, unexpected wake, me slipping or losing balance… And then, you hear yourself say something starting with “I should have…”. I know the feeling, I did it too! I have a ratchet sitting in the sandy bottom of Royal Harbor in the Bahamas.

Straight out the treasure chest, here is a sailor’s hack for you.

Anchor, windlass, arch, the boom, bimini, solar panels and more. Next time, before you start working in awkward places, check if you could use this sailor’s hack, hanging an upside-down umbrella.

Happy maintenance.

Picture credit: Sailing Yacht TV

Sailor's hack: the upside-down umbrella
Sailor’s hack: the upside-down umbrella
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