Grammarly, Your FREE Private Secretary.

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You don’t need a degree to be smart but, you should certainly write properly.Native and non-native English writers, we all make mistakes, and that’s so not “21st century” in our tech world.

Today thanks to technology and internet we have no more excuses. Easier said than done you might be thinking.
Let me introduce you to Grammarly, your new private secretary. Developed and launched in 2009, this FREE English writing assistant checks over 250 grammar rules, spelling, style and even punctuation.

As Grammarly goes through your text, red underlining will refer to suggestions you can choose from, ignore, or add to your personal dictionary. What’s different about Grammarly? Not only this software suggests proper spelling but it also advises you if you forgot a word, a subject or even a verb in your sentence, very clever. No doubt, this app will instantly become your most valuable everyday companion.
In addition, you can follow your progress and unlock achievement with the Weekly Progress Report, informing you about your productivity, accuracy, and vocabulary.

Dealing with special documents, needing plagiarism check, just upgrade to the Premium or Business version for a small fee, and you will be covered with even more thorough and advanced verification.
With Grammarly, you’ll be confident again to send a letter, write a recommendation or even freely email, and post on social media.

Whatever your style is, go mobile with the Apple or Android apps or run it as your web browser extension under Mac OS or Windows. No more sharing private information with proof-readers you have to trust, Grammarly is there for you 24/7.

Winner of several awards, including the “Great User Experience Award 2018”, from FinancesOnline, who reports a 96% satisfaction across the web. Once you install it, you’ll rediscover the magical pride and freedom of writing.
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Note: do you know the difference between American, British, Canadian or Australian English? Grammarly does.

What is the difference?