“What does Sailing Mean to You?” second try…

No Picture This Time! 🙂

Hi there, well I guess my last question “What does Sailing Mean to You?” Got a bit distracted by the picture I illustrated my post with. I will remember that.
By the way, thanks for all the nice comments I got for that picture. (That picture was taken at the Quebec Yacht Club maybe 10 years ago).

Back to that same post, I was trying to get to know your feelings about sailing. Is it a weekend activity, a charter getaway during the winter, seasonal cruising, a full-time lifestyle or a beautiful dream?
Thanks to the few who actually answered.

I hope to take your mind of and wondering for a moment, gently gliding on turquoise waters…. Tell me what you see…I am already waiting for your comments 🙂
Have great day.

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